Monday, October 24, 2011

Dakona: Back with a Vengeance!

Ok so maybe not a vengeance but more like a toe dipped in a hot bubble bath. I must admit after logging into WoW last night for the first time in months, I experienced two full minutes of camera turning around Orgrimmar as my brain tried to figured out what to do. At first glace everything seems to be the same. I got my first exciting moment when I mounted up and saw my pet was still beside me! I find this incredibly awesome, I know that may make me seem nuts to some people but I love anything Blizzard adds that gives hints of realism, even if its something little like this. That's about as much as I noticed other than my Valor Points got turned into Justice Points (kicked myself for not using those before I stopped playing), and I got some gold in my mailbox in exchange for keys or something? I assume those were the keys I used for old content like Karazhan and old Heroics like Sethekk Halls. I noticed my guild only had a few people online, even though it was 11pm I quickly realized that had changed since I was last around. I noticed my UI was a mess, lots of out of date add-ons to update. I did try a quick Heroic just to see if I could spot any changes. Took me a good five minutes to figure out why my pet wasn't attacking what I was. Finally found this new command that must of been added recently. I only spent roughly an hour in game, checking up on some pets I missed and seeing anything that looked different.

Clearly I need to catch up and will do so over the next few days. I've heard mentions that there are new rare pets out there so you know I'll be getting on that soon although if what I'm hearing is true I won't be going after any gross spiders... well maybe flame spiders cause they are kinda pretty.

 I want to thank everyone who has been checking in from time to time in my absence. After checking the blog stats I see some people have been keeping it alive. I want to also thank the blog Orcish Army Knife, they give a lot of traffic to this blog and I sure appreciate it.

I'll be getting ready this week to dive in head first so I should have an update by the weekend.


  1. I'm a little bit jealous that you're seeing Cataclysm as brand new, Dakona. I've been rather bored with the game lately and waiting for 4.3 to hit, but trust me, you'll have *plenty* to kep you busy and interested!

  2. A Hunter is back! :D There's a lot of cool new pets, the Molten Spiders, yeah, but also a VERY cool shiny silver metallic cat and crab in the Molten Front, as well as a green bird Spirit Beast somewhere (Mount Hyjal, I think?). Check out Petopia, you'll probably love a few of them!

    And always glad to link to Hunters who love their class like you do!

  3. Sean: I took a break because I was getting rather bored. I'm hoping there's enough going on in there to keep me entertained until next year's expansion. I think I need to find a new server, this one is rather boring and being the social butterfly I am, I do need some social interaction. Time will tell!

    Rades: I did check them out last night and am sorta excited. The cat does look very cool but the Owl looks like a knock off of Olm the Wise. I think the real question isn't going to be which of the new pets I get, but which of my current 25 do I say good bye to. It's not easy being a hunter!