Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sometimes I dream of you...

And then I wake up in a cold sweat! Ok a little over the top maybe, but it's a little late in the game to be rational. Here I sit in the coldest winter I can remember, bundled up and locked inside and yet still no urges to return to Azeroth. Am I getting older? Wiser? Too mature maybe? I highly doubt it. Sure I played Star Wars Galaxies EMU for a few months to get my MORPG fix, my nicotine patch if you will but once I learned it would eventually reset I lost my drive to grind anymore. My Skyrim fascination lasted about a month I am embarrassed to say and unless Clash of Clans on my iPhone counts I am completely gameless. So I'm a little confused why WoW isn't calling my name and preying on my weakness. I do miss my pets, mostly Duck who I hope has not gotten so hungry he's eatten Ashtail. I heard a new expansion is coming to WoW, or maybe it's already here. If it's the last one before they end WoW surely I should jump in for the going away party? I'd love to know what if anything has changed in there since I last played. More rare pets to tempt me maybe? I'd hate to have it all end one day and regret not finishing it with a bang. So here I am throwing it to my blog to see if anyone still swings by, and maybe someone to make sense of the madness.


Unknown said...

Im in the same "state" really. Wow or mmorpgs are not really calling me that much. WoWs next expansion will probably drop before summer (i guess), i keep coming back every now and then for a month or two. But i think that most people are getting fed up with the genre really :/

Anonymous said...

We're still here... fighting the legion ;)

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