Saturday, May 14, 2011

An Unexpected Dilemma

Hey so I've dipped my foot in the water again. I have a little secret to share, my break actually ended a few weeks ago but upon returning I decided to level my Mage a little and ended up really enjoying it. My limitations with Dakona had reached a bit of a wall with PUGS being hit or miss and Hunters being over populated as it is on my server. Being a Mage still allows me the freedom to DPS from afar and instead of a well aimed trap, I now have the luxury of turning things into sheep. My biggest adjustment has been managing my mana, something I haven't dealt with since Hunters switched to focus. On my server Mages seem to be a little more sparse and I've been able to get into a raiding guild that actually lets me raid. If that hasn't been tempting enough, I also have begun getting raid loot and my Mage has surpassed my Hunter in gear. I feel like a teenage girl again, so much confusion and questions.

No word yet if Dakona the Huntress with become Dakona the Mage..ess? but I think that is still a little premature. With the new dungeons here Dakona has a chance to replace the last few pieces of blue gear and be raid ready should an opportunity present itself. Still the bait has been laid and it's only a matter of time before a decision must be made.

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