Monday, March 18, 2013

Manic Mondays!

Monday is the day I run around like it's Christmas Eve trying to get everything I should of done days ago finished before the night ends. Today was no different however I was a good girl this week and had done most of the heavy lifting early on. One of the last things on the list was Oondasta who I wasn't sure I would squeeze in this week. I put myself there Sunday night hoping to log in just as 3 raid groups were about to hog tie this big boy. No such luck on the groups but he was there waiting for me when I popped on. Considered soloing him but didn't think that would be fair to the rest of the sever so I patiently waited and within the hour the island was covered in troops. Not a fun fight I will say, luckily they brought him near the graveyard so the respawns were convenient. I was fortunate to loot a Belt of the Dying Diemetradon which is no mount but is a nice consolation to my huge repair bill I earned. Looking forward to a clean pallet tomorrow, lots to do, lots to see. I hope everyone has a productive week like I did. Cheerio!

Friday, March 8, 2013

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

With a new patch comes new goodies and toys and as always the first thing I check for is new pets. Selecting my 25 partners in crime as you know was a hard and well thought out process, and like adding any new players to a team it means some existing ones have to go. It's gotten to the point now where I've bonded with most of my 25 pets. With two new pets added last week and one added today it has been both a joyous and difficult time, but I've managed to suck it up and solider on.

Since Pandaria I've added Patrannache the pretty in pink flamingo look-a-like who as a bird I normally wouldn't fancy but when you're screaming that much hot pink you've got my attention all day. I named her Pedal and I'm sure she won't see much time out of the stable, I do think it's a must for any lady hunters out there especially if you want your fellow raid members or guildmates to take notice. In a way it's a female hunters best version of cleavage :)

The second must have for me was Savage the White Pandaren Tiger. I think it's a unique rare and I am a sucker for blue eyes and Savage definitely has some beautiful baby blues. I named him Ukali for reasons of my own, not sure he's won a spot ahead of Pryde my Sambas or Bosco my Skarr but who knows what will happen. I should note these pets were tamed by tracking them down via foot prints on the ground and using flares to unstealth them. It wasn't extremely time consuming so maybe I got lucky. Hopefully this is just the start of more pets with blue eyes and if I can get my Siberian Husky look-a-like someday I'll be nothing but smiles.

Lastly and most exciting for me is the new pets added with Patch 5.2. Some cool looking pets with nice colors most notably the Stegosaurus which come in different patterns. However what really caught my eye not surprisingly were the new spirit beasts added. Now I've never been a fan of porcupines but a chance to have the first red spectral pet was a definite must for me. Better known as "Degu" this porcupine is tamed much like the spiders in Molten Front and just like the spiders at Molten Front this little jerk gave me everything and more I could handle. You need to dps it down to 20% in order to tame it which is hard enough as you need to kite it while staying close enough that it won't use it's ranged attack on you, but far enough away that it can't maul you to death. If it gets two solid hits on you you're done like dinner. Luckily for me Degu was a fan of the blog and gave herself up after a few failed attempts.

I named her after the person who kicked my butt into going out and getting back into the groove, I love the color and even for a porcupine it's kinda cute. It's kinda of what Sonic is to hedgehogs except it's a porupi.. well you get the point. I've been playing survival and I still love Duck to much to replace him but I'm gonna show her off for a little while since I earned it and who knows maybe we'll bond. Other then pets Dakona has been grinding away in LFR and slowly upgrading her gear. I've yet to run into anyone who knows my blog while in LFR so keep a look out for me and be sure to say hi if you see me!

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