Monday, March 18, 2013

Manic Mondays!

Monday is the day I run around like it's Christmas Eve trying to get everything I should of done days ago finished before the night ends. Today was no different however I was a good girl this week and had done most of the heavy lifting early on. One of the last things on the list was Oondasta who I wasn't sure I would squeeze in this week. I put myself there Sunday night hoping to log in just as 3 raid groups were about to hog tie this big boy. No such luck on the groups but he was there waiting for me when I popped on. Considered soloing him but didn't think that would be fair to the rest of the sever so I patiently waited and within the hour the island was covered in troops. Not a fun fight I will say, luckily they brought him near the graveyard so the respawns were convenient. I was fortunate to loot a Belt of the Dying Diemetradon which is no mount but is a nice consolation to my huge repair bill I earned. Looking forward to a clean pallet tomorrow, lots to do, lots to see. I hope everyone has a productive week like I did. Cheerio!


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