Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Additions!

So apparently rare spawns are easy cake, or maybe I'm late to the party and everyone just has them already, or maybe my sever is dead, or maybe I'm the only one who gives a crap about pixels, either way I ended up with 3 of my desired new pets in less than 24 hours. A far cry from the 48 hours I had set aside which left me with a lot of Pepsi and chips untouched (which maybe is a good thing for me).

The first pet I really wanted was Magria in Mount Hyjal. Not going to lie I camped her for about 2 hours before I realized I needed to do some quests in order to actually be able to see her when she spawned. Sadly not the first time that has happen. In order to tame Magria/Ankha you need to have no armor equipped and be in BM spec. So I found it slightly amusing sitting on my mount in my birthday suit as I hovered over the area. I got lucky that Magria spawned and not Ankha, Magria has a blue tint as oppose to the green tint of Ankha. The tame was very simple and I named her Maltese after the Maltese tigers who also have a hint of blue in their coats.

The second pet I really wanted was Skarr. This meant going into Molten Front for the first time which I hate. That place is pure evil and you can't sit still for two minutes without something wanting to kill you. I did get pretty good at hopping from rock to rock. Again I can't lie, it did take several drops into the abyss until I got the hang of it. Here's one shot of my mount and I taking the long plunge.

Looks almost tranquil and relaxing a part for the expensive repair bill I racked up. I ran into a little problem on my way to camping Skarr, a gross green spider on speed kept me from getting there. After getting destroyed a few times by it I whipped out my brain and did some reading. The spider ended up being Kirix one of the new pets added and definitely not on my list of wants. However out of boredom I decided to tame it, you can only kill Dakona so many times until she snaps. I ended up finding a way to attack it, hit disengage, silencing shot and deterrence and tame beast and ended up with this...

I want to say it's kinda cool, I want to say it's cute, I want to say I love it... but I can't, it's a spider and it's icky! The only spider I am considering is Deth'tilac for two reasons, first he's one of the hardest pets to tame, or so I'm told and I love challenges and secondly and more importantly, it's purple. Anything that's purple or pink can't be bad so there is hope I will end up with a spider. For now this slimy green thing is just a temporary souvenir. With the spider out of the way I was able to set up shop for Skarr. I found a nice little spot in the middle that my NPCscan could cover both spots. I got a bite in the first hour expect it wasn't what I expected. I didn't even know about Karkin, the rare crab that spawns there as well. I'm not a fan of crabs (insert joke here) and I already have my Ghostcrawler from Abyssal Depths but this crab is rare and it does have a giant gem in it's back that appeals to any girl. Plus if is kinda cute and if you look at him closely he does say "omnomnom" over and over again. So I tamed him and named him Sebastian because it was 4am and I wasn't feeling too original. Now I can't help but hum "Under the Sea" everytime I see him.

So after 10 hours I had three new pets. At this point it feels a little too easy and I'm not exactly feeling like I'm breaking a sweat here. I ended up calling it a night and grabbing some sleep. I did 8 hours and when I woke up I logged on still groggy to find Skarr looking right at me. Also looking at me was an Alliance Warrior who had Skarr targeted but wasn't moving. I'm not sure if he was just watching or waiting for his hunter friend to join him but I didn't waste anytime finding out. I immediately hopped on to a rock close to him (I'm awesome at it by now) and hit him once, then hit silencing shot, deterrence and began taming. It was almost poetic and I was even impressed at the smoothness.

I named him Bosco after one of my favorite TV characters Maurice Boscorelli. 10 points if you knew who that was without Goggling it. I took a shot of my Alliance friend who was nice enough to watch from the sidelines without interfering.

That's about everything that happen to me this week. Not extremely exciting and I know I probably should have been spending the time learning MM but what can I say, my mind wanders. I still have two pets left to get before I'm content. I will probably try to resist the temptation this week and focus on my game, hopefully I can put it together and not embarrass myself. I just have this feeling I'm forgetting something....oh well.

Making the Cut

I'm a few days back in the game and I'm starting to get comfortable. I'm not exactly looking forward to raiding again, well at least the first few raids. I joined a guild on Monday, its the third I've joined since moving to Scilla at the beginning of Lich King. I was considering a transfer and moving elsewhere but I found a guild I knew about before I took my break. This was the only guild I felt was worth staying on the server for. There's a few members I remembered from the beginning of summer who were always top notch when I was around them. I'm hoping the rest of the guild is similar. I have been stalling all week to buy some time. I am currently learning MM a spec I have never raided with. I really hope Survival jumps back up to the best raiding spec for hunters again soon. Heck if I'm hoping for things I might as well hope BM becomes relevant again. So basically I've been doing my best to play catch up all week. I have a feeling I won't be able to hide from the guild this week, and not only will I be doing my first Fireland raids, I'll also be doing them with a new spec. Not a small order for this huntard and I'm not afraid to pout about it. My next update could very well be news of my kicking from the guild, but I guess I've survived worse in the past.

Ok well QQing aside I did have some fun this week. I guess it's no surprise the first thing I did was hunt down some of these new pets I had not gotten a chance to meet yet. All of the other hunters must have already gotten their pets because I didn't see any competition in each of my camp outs. The toughest part was making cuts from my own family of pets first. I never got a chance to post my top 25 pet list and I guess it works out since four of them were sent back into the wild this week. There are 5 new pets that tickle my fancy, which means 5 of my current pets have to go. You might say "so what? its not that big a deal" but this decision literally took a few days of mulling over and I'm not going to lie, it was sad letting a few of them go.

First to go was Kerrigan. This decision was very easy as Blizzard has nerfed the size of this wasp from super big...

.. to super small. I got this pet when I tamed Princess Huhuran, the fourth boss in the Temple of Ahn'Qira. It wasn't exactly a cake walk and she was both unique and entertaining when doing Heroics in tight quarters like Shadowfang Keep. This pet use to be very special to me and one of my favorites but that ship has long sailed as Kerrigan was relegated to just another wasp.

The second pet cut was Kiviok my Mage Slayer I got from The Nexus. This is one of the best looking pets in the game and will be the first I re-tame if we hunters are given more stable slots (which I am not crying about don't worry.. I'm not that spoiled!) This wasn't a tough decision because they aren't rare and I can get another whenever I want. I did a lot of Heroics with Kiviok earlier in the year so I definitely will miss him the most.

The third pet who didn't make the cut was Gucci who I got when I tamed the rare spawn Grunter in Blasted Lands. I'm all for rare spawns but Grunter's skin isn't unique and although scary looking doesn't stand out. I didn't play much with Gucci so he wasn't that upsetting to part with, sorry Gucci!

Also not making the cut was my Death Ravager who I had only for his buff. Just barely making the cut was Swiper, my Ashtail who danced his way into sticking around. I still have to make one more cut and it looks like Olm the Wise will be going back into the wild. Hardly a rare spawn anymore with the lack of traffic in Felwood these days. I'm not a big fan of owls but he's definitely very pretty, however with Ban'thalos on my list I don't see much point in having both.

I'm a big sucker when it comes to hunting rare spawns so I was really looking forward to the challenge and excitement of adding new pets to my family. I had two straight days set aside for camping/hunting and I did not expect what was to come...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dakona: Back with a Vengeance!

Ok so maybe not a vengeance but more like a toe dipped in a hot bubble bath. I must admit after logging into WoW last night for the first time in months, I experienced two full minutes of camera turning around Orgrimmar as my brain tried to figured out what to do. At first glace everything seems to be the same. I got my first exciting moment when I mounted up and saw my pet was still beside me! I find this incredibly awesome, I know that may make me seem nuts to some people but I love anything Blizzard adds that gives hints of realism, even if its something little like this. That's about as much as I noticed other than my Valor Points got turned into Justice Points (kicked myself for not using those before I stopped playing), and I got some gold in my mailbox in exchange for keys or something? I assume those were the keys I used for old content like Karazhan and old Heroics like Sethekk Halls. I noticed my guild only had a few people online, even though it was 11pm I quickly realized that had changed since I was last around. I noticed my UI was a mess, lots of out of date add-ons to update. I did try a quick Heroic just to see if I could spot any changes. Took me a good five minutes to figure out why my pet wasn't attacking what I was. Finally found this new command that must of been added recently. I only spent roughly an hour in game, checking up on some pets I missed and seeing anything that looked different.

Clearly I need to catch up and will do so over the next few days. I've heard mentions that there are new rare pets out there so you know I'll be getting on that soon although if what I'm hearing is true I won't be going after any gross spiders... well maybe flame spiders cause they are kinda pretty.

 I want to thank everyone who has been checking in from time to time in my absence. After checking the blog stats I see some people have been keeping it alive. I want to also thank the blog Orcish Army Knife, they give a lot of traffic to this blog and I sure appreciate it.

I'll be getting ready this week to dive in head first so I should have an update by the weekend.

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