Sunday, October 30, 2011

Making the Cut

I'm a few days back in the game and I'm starting to get comfortable. I'm not exactly looking forward to raiding again, well at least the first few raids. I joined a guild on Monday, its the third I've joined since moving to Scilla at the beginning of Lich King. I was considering a transfer and moving elsewhere but I found a guild I knew about before I took my break. This was the only guild I felt was worth staying on the server for. There's a few members I remembered from the beginning of summer who were always top notch when I was around them. I'm hoping the rest of the guild is similar. I have been stalling all week to buy some time. I am currently learning MM a spec I have never raided with. I really hope Survival jumps back up to the best raiding spec for hunters again soon. Heck if I'm hoping for things I might as well hope BM becomes relevant again. So basically I've been doing my best to play catch up all week. I have a feeling I won't be able to hide from the guild this week, and not only will I be doing my first Fireland raids, I'll also be doing them with a new spec. Not a small order for this huntard and I'm not afraid to pout about it. My next update could very well be news of my kicking from the guild, but I guess I've survived worse in the past.

Ok well QQing aside I did have some fun this week. I guess it's no surprise the first thing I did was hunt down some of these new pets I had not gotten a chance to meet yet. All of the other hunters must have already gotten their pets because I didn't see any competition in each of my camp outs. The toughest part was making cuts from my own family of pets first. I never got a chance to post my top 25 pet list and I guess it works out since four of them were sent back into the wild this week. There are 5 new pets that tickle my fancy, which means 5 of my current pets have to go. You might say "so what? its not that big a deal" but this decision literally took a few days of mulling over and I'm not going to lie, it was sad letting a few of them go.

First to go was Kerrigan. This decision was very easy as Blizzard has nerfed the size of this wasp from super big...

.. to super small. I got this pet when I tamed Princess Huhuran, the fourth boss in the Temple of Ahn'Qira. It wasn't exactly a cake walk and she was both unique and entertaining when doing Heroics in tight quarters like Shadowfang Keep. This pet use to be very special to me and one of my favorites but that ship has long sailed as Kerrigan was relegated to just another wasp.

The second pet cut was Kiviok my Mage Slayer I got from The Nexus. This is one of the best looking pets in the game and will be the first I re-tame if we hunters are given more stable slots (which I am not crying about don't worry.. I'm not that spoiled!) This wasn't a tough decision because they aren't rare and I can get another whenever I want. I did a lot of Heroics with Kiviok earlier in the year so I definitely will miss him the most.

The third pet who didn't make the cut was Gucci who I got when I tamed the rare spawn Grunter in Blasted Lands. I'm all for rare spawns but Grunter's skin isn't unique and although scary looking doesn't stand out. I didn't play much with Gucci so he wasn't that upsetting to part with, sorry Gucci!

Also not making the cut was my Death Ravager who I had only for his buff. Just barely making the cut was Swiper, my Ashtail who danced his way into sticking around. I still have to make one more cut and it looks like Olm the Wise will be going back into the wild. Hardly a rare spawn anymore with the lack of traffic in Felwood these days. I'm not a big fan of owls but he's definitely very pretty, however with Ban'thalos on my list I don't see much point in having both.

I'm a big sucker when it comes to hunting rare spawns so I was really looking forward to the challenge and excitement of adding new pets to my family. I had two straight days set aside for camping/hunting and I did not expect what was to come...


Sean said...

It pains me to see Olm get the axe! I've never seen him spawn on my server and as I'm not BM, I'd like to have him. I'm not complaining about the number of stable slots, but I wouldn't be sad if we got a few more in a future patch or xpac ;)

Dakona said...

Olm did officially get the axe, but I think his replacement is slightly better but I guess you'll have to judge that for yourself!

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