Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Two Stragglers

Before I get into it, yes I did sorta learn MM, no I'm not good at it and no I don't like it. Not even a little.

Moving on... it's with great excitement I announce that my stable is now complete with 25 of the best pets in the game (in my opinion of course). With only two left on my list I was forunate to get them both on Tuesday only a few hours a part. The first was Ban'thalos, the BM Owl who closely beat out Olm the Wise for the only owl spot in my stable.

I spent a few hours late Monday night but came up empty, I did however find a nice camping spot between two antlers. I woke up late on Tuesday and once again logged on to hear my NPCspan going off. It flies really high so I took some advice from what I had read and dropped a freezing trap, mounted and flew straight up, waited for Ban'thalos to get in shooting range, dismounted, shot him and clicked on my Flexweave Underlay and waited for Ban'thalos to hit the trap. Once he was trapped the tame was easy cake. It took about 3 tries to get it right (first one because I wasn't in BM spec... duh).

My poor new owl will unfortunately collect dust with the rest of my BM pets but I'm definitely happy to stable her away until BM is one day relevant again. The last pet on my list was Deth'tilac and because I hate Molten Front this is one place I've been avoiding. Just before bed I did a little run though and sure enough Deth'tilac was there starring me down. Now as I've said I'm not a spider fan at all but it's hard not to admire this purple cuddle monster... yeah I know, it was hard to say cuddle there, but I'm really trying to love this spider. This tame has been solo'd by other hunters but I'm no where near that skilled and really wanted the extra help to give me the best shot. It was like 2am so there was hardly anyone around (not like it would matter much anyways), I know hardly anyone on the server so I figured it would be tough. I AOL'd my old side kick and luckily he was around and able to hop on his brothers healer. New to the guild I threw out an S.O.S in guild chat and surprisingly a guildie was up for the challenge. Now I didn't realize he loses health every time someone dies so this fight took about 15 minutes longer than it should have and I should have used a pet to continuously die instead of my poor partners. A few bumps and bruises later we did get it down below 18% or whatever it was and I was able to tame just before the spider killed me once last time.

This was defiantly the most exciting tame I've been a part of and without the help I wouldn't have been able to tame her. I named her Kerrigan which I know was my old wasp's name but I figure it works for a spider too, a bugs a bug. With no pets left to tame I'm pretty much left no choice but to work on my DPS. I am now spec'd in both survival and MM. I use survival when my DPS matters and I put some MM time in when it doesn't. I really hope I get the hang of MM sooner than later or any possible raid time might be going down the drain.


Pet Lover said...

Congrats on your acquiring two new guests to your stable.

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