Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Adventures

Everyone's character looks like their age could be anywhere from 16-60 depending on the race you are. As a blood elf I fall at the younger end of that and I've sometimes wondered about the years "before" I took control of Dakona. Now I'm not much of a role player, but in order to have played this game for so long I've had to relate to Dakona and assume parts of myself are in her. Anyone who knows me, knows that I HATE questing. In fact Kecco my paladin and my original toon was leveled from 50 to 70 from only healing instances since I refused to play Retribution. I currently have every class that a blood elf can play with the exception of a warlock and all are level 85 with the exception of my priest who is level 80. How they each got leveled up is a mixture of "run throughts", which is when a high level friend clears out instances while you stand behind collecting free XP, battleground matches which I'm ashamed to admit were probably mostly afk'd while multitasking and instances when I got near 85. My point is, between six level 85 characters I probably did the same amount of quests that most people do on one toon. Dakona to date is still the only character of mine who did the level 80-85 quests and only because of the reputation I needed to get the shoulder and helm enchants. So again I reiterate, I hate questing.

Fast forward to a few months ago, and I'm sitting here wondering about the adventures that Dakona could of had and I wonder about her story. I don't know why, I guess I was having a weird day but I got this urge to create another Dakona and quest each zone as like a prelude to her life and giving her a past that I could associate with my main Dakona. Sounds like a bad movie I know, and here we have me, someone who hates questing, suddenly wanting to quest each zone while acquiring the Loremaster achievement a long the way. I had been visiting the Petopia web site on a regular bases and knew they had a guild on Nesingwary US that seemed like a good setting to keep me company during my adventures. As I created this younger Dakona I have to admit I did have doubts this sudden motivation would wear off shortly.

Five months later and I now find myself spending more time than ever playing this younger Dakona and having a blast doing so! Baby Dakona is now level 80 and has completed the questing achievements for Eastern Kingdon, Kalimdor and Outlands. I am currently working on Northrend and once finished will only have Cataclysm left. I can safely say I have done more quests on this toon than I have ever done on all the toons I've ever played since I started playing. Playing a baby Dakona has given me a chance to see all the parts of the game I had missed when I use to fly through the lower levels. I have bonded with some new pets and rekindled relationships with some old ones as well. I can't say it's been all roses as some of the zones brought me to my limit but I was able to prevail and now sit less than a dozen zones away from finishing.

I have had some really emotional moments, including being appointed "Queen of the Orges" in Blade's Edge Mountains, which almost brought me to tears one night. After being appointed "Queen" I realized I was a few quests short of the achievement and had to go back and kill Orges to obtain a quest they dropped. I almost didn't make it cause it was so upsetting. Upon killing them they would say things like "Me honored... queen kill me", "Queen think... there really is... an Ogri'la?" I was torn up for weeks! Now I never look at Orges the same way and I take great honor in my Queen status.

I've run into all kinds of moments like this a long the way, most are happy including these little baby murlocs who followed me around for hours while I quested in Borean Tundra which I definitely enjoyed. I am now entering zones where rare spawns happen so I've had to try and stay focused while not wandering. Although I just finished Grizzly Hills where yes I did swing by and get Arcturis since he just happened to be up (wink). I've also started doing the Netherwing rep quests in order to obtain the Netherwing Drakes. I have no idea why, I guess anything I haven't done with my main Dakona I feel a need to explore.

For those wondering if I've been neglecting the "adult" Dakona, the answer is no, currently I am focusing on her gear and I've been doing LFR each week. I don't need anything anymore from LFR but I do it for the valor. I got super lucky this week while getting into a 10 man group for the first time I had a tier piece drop on 3 straight bosses and won the legs and shoulders. I also won the crossbow from Warlord Zon'ozz so I've been a happy camper for the last few days. I know this is a lengthy blog entry but this is what happens when I don't check in regularly. I do plan on updating baby Dakona's adventures and hopefully I don't burn out down the home stretch. I've had to turn off the XP option just so I stay focused. Getting near the end, there are certainly more distractions now than ever. Here's to finishing strong!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dakona! I really like your blog and have added a link to it in mine. Hope you don't mind! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and consider yourself tagged! :)

Dakona said...

Thanks Sesamee! I have added your blog to my blogroll and I accept your tag. I don't normally do things like that but I enjoyed your blog and feel honored you thought of me :)

Saz said...

Neat little project you have going on there! I was kind of heart broken having to go back and kill some Ogres long after I became queen of the ogres as well. Darn Loremaster achievement...

Glad to hear that you're still around and having fun!

Dakona said...

Saz!! Always love when you make an appearance! I'm super happy you're still around :)

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