Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting Distracte...err Closer

Oh how that warm weather calls to me. Yes it has been tough to log in these past few months but some snow yesterday had me running back to Azeroth with my tail between my legs. Adult Dakona has already retired to her summer slumber and I predict she will stay there until early fall. However baby Dakona refuses to go down and continues to crawl a long at a snails pace. She now has Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord, Grizzly Hills and Dragonblight under her belt. She is currently over half way through Zul'Drak and is itching to get to Sholazar Basin where her bestest friend awaits her. Baby Dakona stumbled across Har'koa who is the mate of Loque'nahak while questing this week.

Seeing Har'koa has been motivation to finish up the Halloween like Zul'Drak and get to the peaceful tranquility of Sholazar Basin. I have two spirit beasts on Team Dakona right now and will be hunting Loque the second I get there. I have XP capped myself at 80 to keep myself focused and will work hard to get myself to the next set of zones soon.


Khendruk said...

Good to see you are still enjoying the game as a Hunter! :)

James Song said...

I might be late to the party but, I'd just like to say reading about your adventures has made me decide to level up a new hunter and sight-see as well as pet hunt and actually enjoy the game for lore and the experience rather than just a powerhouse PvP/PvE player. :)

If you're still playing it'd be awesome to hear some more updates!

Dakona said...

Thank you guys.

Yes James you are late to the party but I appreciate your comment and you temporary knocked me out of my summer slumber. You got me thinking about WoW again so who knows I might get the itch sooner than later!

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