Monday, February 25, 2013

Still kicking... and screaming

They say curiosity killed the cat but it seems like I haven't used up all my nine lives yet. To be honest I've been playing Pandaria for about 3 weeks now. I was undecided if I should continue the blog because I was unsure how long I'd actually stick around... and not much has changed on that front.

I switched realms on a whim. I lost my partner in crime to retirement and the guild I was in had changed servers although I can't say I remember anyone that was in it anyways. I took Dakona to Laughing Skull (PVP) I really don't know if this server is good or bad. I wish I had something more to say about it.

Pandaria itself has been alright, I can't say I enjoyed leveling to 90 but then again I don't think many people do. I think because I missed the inital rush of everyone leveling their character I spent much of the time all alone in most zones. The benefits were few, my NPCscaner seemed to go off every other hour and I didn't have to fight with horde or alliance for specific kills. I found myself fustrated by how easily I was aggro'd and by how far I could be from mobs but would still catch their eye. Maybe it was because I smelt so good, who knows, but I definatly did let out more heavy sighs then I'm normally good for. I did enjoy most of the zones, the beautiful scenery was well done. The story lines were ok, it's hard not to find pandas adorable, especially the little ones.

One quest line had a touching moment where a panda family member had died and Mr Panda sought out her final resting place. I wish it wasn't 4am when I was motoring through the quests cause I think I missed out on a great moment. Hitting 90 was anti-climatic, the relief of finishing quests was nice but I found out quickly that once you do enough Heroics to upgrade your gear you only have two quick raids waiting for you. Add in a world boss that takes 10 minutes and you can pretty much max out your options in an hour and a half. Even with the engineering helm and the leatherworking chest piece, add in an epic or two from raids, I'm still not eligible for the other two raids. It looks like there's all kinds of dailies I can do, which we know I won't and there's something you can get that will help your chances of getting loot which really grinds my gears. Apparently the new patch will increase loot drop which I know I won't be complaining about but alas I hope something gives soon as I don't have much interest in logging in more than twice a week at the moment.

I'll give it another few weeks and see what happens, hoping they add some new rare pets or something that will kick my competitive parts in gear. If anyone has any suggestions or tips I'd love to hear them!


Saz said...

If you're into the non-combat pets, I definitely recommend dabbling in the pet battles. Collecting all of those buggers is a blast in my opinion, and it's a fairly hefty time sink. The new non-combat pets coming in 5.2 are pretty awesome looking too!

As far as rare pets go for taming, there have been quite a few additions since MoP launched. I'm not sure how much you've poked around with those yet, but there are a few really fantastic new models/colors that have been introduced. My only wish is that they'd give us more stable slots already; I have no room for new pets : (

Not sure if you follow the WoW Rare Spawns blog, but Euphyley does a fantastic job of covering information on both tamable rares and all rares in general. Definitely recommend checking it out, perhaps you'll find a new hunter friend to stalk and tame ^_^

It's good to see you posting again!


Dakona said...

Saz my lovely so good to hear from you. I've definitely resisted getting into the non-combat pet scene to date, I know that is something that could consume me if I were to dive head first into it. With the lack of interest right now in the game maybe I could explore it, and I use to love Pokemon so maybe it's up my alley.

I got a few of the "rare" pets that require tracking, I'll post an update soon but I agree it is super hard right now to replace a pet and I hate being one of those people who complain about 25 slots not being enough but if you're gonna add more pets then there's gotta be some wiggle room!

I have not heard about this blog but am on my way right now to check it out. Thanks for checking in Saz, you were one of the first supporters of mine and I've always appreciated it.

Saz said...

Give in to the pet battles! Resistance is futile! To be honest it's a bit slow at first, but once you get into the flow of the battles/collecting, it becomes much more enjoyable. I spent many an evening flying from zone to zone collecting everything I could ( was a lifesaver in this!) and doing it with a cross-realm friend made things both more enjoyable and a bit easier when it came to those super hard to find pets. As a fellow old school Pokemon lover to another, I think you'll rather enjoy it.

Yes! That wiggle room is a must! They just added in a spectral porcupine pet named Degu, and he's a must have for me since I actually have pet degus. Unfortunately, I'll either have to say goodbye to one of my other long time companions, or just have to wait on him. I am rather disappointed to say the least.

You are more than welcome m'dear. <3

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