Monday, March 21, 2011

My Aeonaxx Kill Video

I put together a video of my Aeonaxx kill and I added some tips for anyone interested in killing him as well. Hopefully this will be helpful but remember it takes patience and time for this beauty to surface and if you can afford the time I definitely recommend going for it. I hope you enjoy the video =)


Anonymous said...

Gratz on Aeonaxx love, very well done. Looking for him and camping in deepholm, havent had any sleep but dont need it really. Been wanting it for my dk for ages and nothing not a sausage for me hehe.
Ah well what can i say, as im writing this im hoping and praying that i hear those drums soon :)

Deathgód - Lightbringer

Vynistra - Icecrown(US) said...

I've been seeking this spawn for quite some time and that's right around the spot I like to idle as well. I've run out of hope a few times but this makes me believe there's still a chance I might see it, let alone get it.

Rock on! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finding and killing Aeonaxx :) I managed to get him in my Death Knight, but I didn't farm for him. It was pure dumb luck but I mounted him, killed him and got the drake. It's the only mount I ever use now. Nice video too :)

Aenigmä - Zul-jin

Cicek - Trollbane EU said...

Congratulations on the mount!

Must be lovely to finally get it after all those weeks of farming. :) I've had no luck myself so far, but I guess I'll keep idling in Deepholm.
Nice video also.

Cicek - Trollbane EU

Anonymous said...

You rock.

Kayrah - Blade's Edge EU said...

Gz with the mount.
Havent been in Deepholm since i got my last achievement there. Maybe i will take a look there now and then. And perhaps luck will be on my side :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats, I've seen it spawn 3 times in last 4 days and missed it everytime!

Anonymous said...

The best and most informative vid about Aeonaxx. Thank you.

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