Monday, February 7, 2011

Changes & News

It's been a busy sort of time for Dakona of late, hence the missing updates. I've been looking for new opportunities since the new year and I've been a bit reluntant to make any moves until yesterday when I joined my new guild "Stimulate". It's only the second guild I've been a part of since I came to Scilla at the beginning of Lich King. I'm currently on "Trail" which means I will have to hide my huntardness from them as best I can until I'm offically in. I did consider switching servers, but staying on Scilla was something I prefered and Stimulate who is first in raid progression on the horde side was about the only guild I had considered, so I'm feeling pretty fortunate right now.

As for updates, I got this little guy for doing random heroics with 100 players.

It was also my 50th pet which finally got me Stinker.

I also got a few new pets. I did some fly bys through Uldum the other night and saw a lot of people leveling in the area that Madexx spawns. I stayed in that area while waiting for heroics to pop but did not see him for 10 hours straight and was starting to wonder if maybe he had spawned while I was doing an instance. Around 6am as I was getting ready to head to bed when the NPCscan went off and I saw him.

He was really big while looking down on him from my flying mount but I was really disappointed how little he shrank once he was tamed. I had no idea what to name him so I just kept it as is. I don't expect to use this pet since he is a Tenacity pet. Poor Diesel is hardly used as it is but he will go into my collection and I am happy I got the Blue verison although the Red is fairly pretty as well.

I was saving Ghostcrawler til the last because I figured a) I don't like being under water, b) I don't like being under water for long periods of time and c) putting both a) and b) on the table at the same time was too much of a double wammy for me to deal with right now. However... I had to go discover Abyssal Maw: Throne of the Tides as it was the only one I hadn't yet. So I figured since I was in the area of  Abyssal Depths I would do a little drive by. It was morning on a weekday so the traffic was very low in the area, I was getting distracted by the new herbs I could pick when the NPCscan went off not even a half a lap in. I was almost disappointed for a second because I was so use to long enduring camp outs and I figured this one was going to be my Everest. I expected him to disappear as he has a stealth but I was able to get a freezing trap down and tame him without to much trouble.

No name for this guy yet either. It is a decent size and pretty but with all my other spirit beasts like Duck whining to get some action, I can't imagine this little guy will get much use. My final 25 pets are getting close to completion. I still have a few more to go and will make a video to show them off when completed. I do have another pet to share as some of you might have gotten a hint from the video I just put out but I've been having some fun with him lately and will share that with you very soon!


Loronar said...

Hello there. Just a friendly greeting from an old blogger to a new blogger. Your posts make me want to tame more and more pets, which has been on my to-do list for pages.

Where do you take the screenshots for new pets, out of curiosity?

Dakona said...

Thanks for the comment!
I take all the pics in Storm Peaks near Skoll's favorite spawn spot. I don't know why I started doing that and to be honest sometimes wish I didn't as it's become a bit of a pain to take the trip all the way out there just for a picture but I do what I have to =)

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