Saturday, February 19, 2011

Number 25

It was a rough week for Dakona to say the least but I've learned over my life that some of the best experience you can get comes from your failures, even epic ones. So yes there were lots of tough pills to swallow this week but I do think I came out ahead in the long run. I may have put the cart before the horse so to speak but as pointed out by some, I do need to put in more work in practice before I jump into a real game. With that said I did manage to salvage the week by getting something that had been previously out of my control. Without knowing many people on my server getting help can be somewhat of a challenge at times, luckily for me I am a hunter and we usually manage on our own. Befriending a warlock and a druid can have many different benefits as I found out on Thursday. Having learned I was seeking out help to kill a few bosses in Blackwing Lair to get to my beloved Chromaggus. Two guildies Sephirothz and Williee joined me as we took on the first boss Razorgore the Untamed where reports had been that he was bugged and a ticket from a GM revealed it would be corrected in the next update. Nonetheless we gave it a go having read some people had managed to get him down even with the bug. We tried several times with different strategies but it was clear the bug would prevent us from killing him and I wasn't to disappointed having found some patient and mature people to hang out with for a few hours. I woke up Thursday morning and logged on to find Sephirothz waiting for me. Asking me what I was up to he encouraged me to come with him to Blackrock Mountain without letting on any details. When we entered Blackwing Lair I noticed right away Razorgore had been killed at some point during the night or morning. Turns out Sephirothz and Williee went back and managed to kill him and others leading the way to Chromaggus. I ran as fast and I could to Chromaggus and like a good boy he was waiting for me, albeit because he had no choice, behind a barred door.

I named him Chromie because well I'm original like that. He is definitely unique and I didn't want to take away his legendary name from him but I did want to make it more cute. Having two mouths to feed instead of one might be a challenge and expensive but his purple skin and pink tongue make it well worth it.

Hanging around Origmmar as I often do, I was quite surprised at how much attention he attracted. Keep in mind I also have a Spectral Tiger and Cub as well as a Time-Lost Flying Mount and several rare pets, none of which ever gotten as many comments and looks as Chromie did standing outside the Inn for 30 minutes while waiting for a Heroic to pop.

I created a video for you hunters out there curious about taming him. He is extremely easy to tame if you have some friends or guildies to help you kill a few bosses at Blackwing Lair. It is a level 60 raid so most fights can be done with two people but bring as many as you can and you can be in and out of there in 20 minutes with a new pet!


Khendruk said...

That is a pretty impressive pet!

Congratulations (again)!

Rades said...

Awesome pet! I see very, very few hunters with him, he's such a unique and impressive addition to your collection. :D

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