Thursday, February 24, 2011

Odds & Ends

Just a small update on Dakona's progression and she continues to chip away. I recently got enough Valor Points to finally purchase her Fluid Death which I couldn't get equipped fast enough once I finished the daily Heroic. I managed to get myself into a Baradin Hold pug and I even got loot! Only problem is I don't PvP and the Vicious Gladiator's Chain Leggings will collect dust in my bank... so close too! I decided to drop my Herbalism profession which was sad because as a lot of people know I enjoyed picking flowers. I spent 7 hours on Tuesday leveling my new profession Engineering which I decided on a whim will be totally worth it once I get my Deadly Bio-Optic Killshades which I think are uber cool. I think in the long runs the added pets and mounts will make the expensive grind worth it as well. Also adding Nitro Boosts, Synapse Springs and Flexweave Underlay should help a noob like myself get out of some sticky situations and who knows maybe I'll even get a Jeeves so I can repair my wounds in private and out of public sight.

I find myself doing a lot of older content on my down time and as you can see by my latest achievements have gone back and finished some of the ones I had missed. I do Sethekk Halls once a day as I try hopelessly to get Raven Lord which I have wanted for years. I've started trying to solo things that I see other hunters have on youtube. I recently tried Al'ar at Tempest Keep, it was pretty late so I gave up after two tries although I think it will be very doable when I give it a serious go. I'm hoping to eventually get to Kael'thas Sunstrider which I hope to be able to solo regularly without issue. I feel it is only a matter of time before you see Dakona riding around on her Ashes of Al'ar. I stopped by to do a Karazhan run with my Warlock friend, it was the first time I had done Kara since my numerous runs back in B.C with different toons. I use to love Kara and remember doing back to back runs which took anywhere from 5-7 hours combined in one sitting. I miss those days so I was looking forward to seeing some familiar faces. Oddly enough Fiery Warhorse's Reins dropped off of Attumen the Huntsman 5 minutes in. I told my Warlock friend we would both roll Need and let fate decide. He agreed and I predictably lost the roll. He tried to trade it to me to which I refused. I'm not a fan of being handed stuff and I did lose fair and square. After 5 minutes of arguing he finally made me accept the damn horse and revealed a few seconds later that he already had it. He thought that was funny, I didn't fine it as amusing! It's not one of my favorite mounts, I got it on my Shadow Priest back in B.C when my hunter friend Jibjab graciously passed it to me. Seems this horse is destined to follow me. I am happy to have it for my collection, I know some people are not as fortunate so I don't take it for granted. I got a picture of myself and my new horse, accompanied by my Warlock friend and a random dude who wanted to get on TMZ.


Daranara said...

Engineering is pretty much boss. you can't go wrong.

And I am jealous of your new pony. You'll get your raven lord eventually, don't worry! :D For me it's the freaking white hawkstrider that eludes me forever. Someday...

Dakona said...

I have some sort of allergy to hawkstriders, I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm a Blood Elf and we get them thrown at us right off the bat but I refuse to ride one anymore so fortunately for me I have no interest in the white one. I guess it would be the same thing for Night Elfs and their Sabers.

Loronar said...

Congratulations on Midnight and other loot! I was lucky enough to get the Swift White Hawkstrider on my first solo attempt at Heroic Magister's Terrace. Be patient with the Raven Lord; you'll get it in no time!

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