Monday, February 14, 2011

Hunter's Rant

Ok well it's been awhile so you knew it was coming. I've hit a progression wall and my frustration level is starting to ooze through the cracks. As a recap my progression has been this, I hit 85, geared up for heroics, started heroics, geared up for raids, now here I am. I've been running heroics consistently for about 3 weeks. My gear is fairly good, at least I think so. Here is where it stands as of today:

I'm about a week away from obtaining the trinket Fluid Death as I will soon have the 1,650 valor points needed to purchase it. I will be trying to get the other trinket I want, Tia's Grace in the meantime. I will also be keeping an eye out for Bracers of Some Consequence when I do Deadmines although it isn't considered crucial in my eyes. What is important is addressing the few holes in my gear that I feel need to be attended to. Like getting my Earthen Ring rep to exalted so I can get Signet of the Elder Council instead of being distracted with Ramkehen rep which I'm getting for some stupid camel I'll never ride. (Yes I'm almost Exalted so you know I'm going to finish it.) With a new trinket and ring I'll feel as "bestly" (not a real word I know) geared as I can be without entering a raid. I'm currently waiting for all the new patch commotion to settle down before seeing which new hunter's spec has reigned supreme. It's currently looking like Marksmanship will regain it's Lich King title. This is something I'm not happy about as I was starting to get the hang of the Survival rotation and I'm wondering if Beast Mastery will ever become relevant again... my stabled pets sure hope so.

My work schedule is not going to allow me to take part in raids. Even if I could duck out of work 20 minutes earlier I don't see my current DPS opening any doors for me anyways. For now it looks like I'll be trying to keep myself busy hoping for a random invite. I recently did Baradin Hold for the first time, finishing 3rd on the meters which hopefully will get me another invite sometime. At this point I'm trying hard to tread softly while building some sort of reliable reputation. Wiping a guild heroic's run by tagging a mob before jumping down in front of Corla in Blackrock Caverns isn't a good start. Here I was feeling all proud of myself for dismissing my pet before jumping down, I didn't care to see what shenanigans were going on behind me. One of my new guild-mates with a bit of nerd rage made sure I felt all the guilt and shame that should accompany such actions. Not the reputation I'm trying to build here but such is to be expected in the life of a huntard.


Saz said...

Keep your chin up, we all hit that wall at some point and we all have our "huntard" moments. Honestly it sounds like your guild mate just needs a WoW vacation or at the very least a nap :P

Loronar said...

Your gear is definitely up to speed for entering raids. We all have our sluggish periods, times when nothing ever seems to go right. The best thing to do is to not get too comfortable with your position. Always stay on top of things, assume that you are no better than the players next to you, and the reverse. We are also human; don't beat yourself up too much over it.

If you are nearing 1650 Valor Points, I would gravitate towards buying the Tier 11 gloves. Seeing as you are hit capped, I think Fluid Death is not as big of a priority for you. Yes, the agility passive is very tempting. If you buy the gloves, there is the off chance that if you keep running Baradin Hold week to week, the Tier 11 pants may drop, giving you the 2-piece bonus and another big upgrade. (The gloves were the ones that dropped for me, so I've been saving for the pants.)

Don't be afraid to pug Argaloth as well, since most people have gotten this fight down to simple repetition these days and will take only about 20 minutes a week at most.

Finally, with the incoming nerf to Aimed Shot, don't count out the other specs just yet. Play what you are most comfortable with.

Wolflore said...

The dust has not yet settled on the best dps spec after patch question. MM is doing good dmg but the rotation compltely cripples mobility having 2 long cast shots are your main shots is too much. BM is doing good single target dps(reportedly, as I specc'ed out of it to get MM spec and keep SV so haven't tried it) if they buff AoTH as has been hinted it may be even better.
Gear wise I think your are on the right track. Just a small suggestion intead of waiting for bracers of some consequence to drop see if you can buy the Honor Points PvP bracers they are even better for dps that the DM bracers. Fluid death trinket is one of the best in the game and is probably your best dps/vp ratio. You will need to reforge out of some +hit. As awas said the gloves are also good. But 2pc T11 bonus is negligible. And always prioritize reps that give you dps boosting rewards you can always come back and get the rest of the rep you need for mounts and non-combat pets later.
If you are not raiding with your guild the first 2 bosses in BoT and BRD are very puggable.

Dakona said...

Very sound advice. I didn't realize I had anyone this educated reading my rambles and I really appreciate the comments. I think it was a bit of a QQ party for myself and I needed the pick up Saz so thank you. Loronar and Wolflore reinforced what I knew all along... I have a ways to go before I have this all figured out, but those comments have given me a lot to think about and made me take a look at things from a different angle which I think will help me going forward.

I didn't realize BoT and BRD were puggable so I think that's going to be something I get on top of right away. Maybe if I get lucky I'll get a T11 piece and that would make things easier when I get those valor points added up.

Again, very much needed comments which were greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

Wolflore said...

I just tried raiding as BM last night and I am very happy with it. It is doing great damage and the mobility/survivability are excellent. Using a spirit beast is great as you don't have to depend so much on healers. If you are raiding 10-man your pet choice may be not depend entirely on what you want but on what buff is missing. But as I raid 25-man we almost always have all buffs covered.
I think I will stay as BM for most fight but switch to Survival in fights whith AoE or air phases.

Syntalating said...

I stumbled across your blog Quite by accident, however I very much enjoyed this read, as the two comments before me mentioned you do appear to be on the right track. I have both a MM and survival spec at the moment, and while I prefer survival, marks appears to have the better "burst on demand" while survival can help control add's on things like MagMaw (worms) and in later fights like Cho'gall. Survival to me anyway seems to be tailored to a more Fluid play style, and while the damage spikes may not be as high it suffers less from target swaps and DPS fall off.

That being said, a quick suggestions if I may ?

Start reforging your mastery into haste or crit, Focus per second especially in a raid situation can be streaky at best, and in a burst phase Being as close to 741 as possible will near cap your focus regen allowing for Arcane shot focus dumping :) Mastery is a great stat, unfortunately at the moment pure agility, haste and crit all outweigh it from a dps stand point.

Best of luck, and ignore the nerd ragers, if you're a good hunter one mistake will be quickly forgotten, I still get bugged good naturedly by my guild for ninja pulling Cho'gall during the initial fight explanation.

Dakona said...

Thanks for the comment. I've been so wrapped up in the gear race I really haven't sat down and thought about which stats I should reforge to make sure I am at my peak level. This is something I will be taking a closer look at very soon.

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