Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chapter Two: Assembling My Entourage

Like any famous celebrity hunter constantly fleeing the paparazzi I realize I will have to surround myself with an entourage worthy of my Hollywood status. This is hands down my favorite part of being a hunter. Selecting my first pet to join my current family of two (Balto and I) is a decision made months ago. Ever since I have seen a picture of Loque'nahak I have been in love with this beautiful animal. Sleek, sophisticated and cunning, is there a more stunning pet within the game? This chick doesn't think so.

First thing's first, put the research time in. I read up on the comments on Wowhead and watched the videos on Youtube. So I'm off to Sholazar Basin, snacks check, Friends marathon check, NpcScan check. No luck needed, I know this part is destiny.


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