Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

It hasn't been all lollipops and rainbows since hitting 85. I found out I needed an item level score of 329 before I could do heroics so I spent the last few days chipping away at that and have now finally been able to begin heroics. Spec'd in survival has been an adjustment but I'm slowing making process and my rankings on the damage meter is slowly increasing. Also increasing is my frustration level. Admittedly I don't have the most experience in trapping but I do have experience with it from The Burning Crusades era. I have now had two different situations where I have been blamed for pulling and trap failure. I learned that if I don't get my trap down before the tank pulls my chances of getting that mob trapped are very slim with all the AOE. So getting that trap down right when the tank is about to pull is stressful. I continue to ask for the tank to let me know when he's ready for me to trap but with so much trash in some instances there is always room for catastrophe. So I cannot say I am enjoying my heroic experience to date. People are just dying for an excuse to say "huntard". I can handle it.

However, my spirits have been lifted. I have been trying out different pets since I cannot use any of my exotic ones. I did think about Balto my lovely but he is so old now I've decided to let him rest in the stable as he drifts into his twilight years. I started out with Oceania my Angered Arakkoa Protector.

She is a lovely bird, as lovely as two headed ones go at least but I just wasn't feeling the connection. I decided to start hanging out in Twilight Highlands hoping to run into Sambas. I wasn't able to get the camping time in that I wanted cause of annoyances like work and social duties so I started camping a spot I thought was lucky, turning the NPCscan up loud and going to bed, assuming when he spawned the alarm would go off and I would jump out of bed for the tame. Sambas has 5 different spawn points so of course I was gambling. I did this for two nights, waking only once as some Alliance hunter was shooting me (I was flying to low) and I realized this probably wasn't going to be the best method. Monday morning after waking up I did a quick lap and settled into my spot. I went downstairs to get some Fruit Loops and when I came back I decided to do another lap while I waited for the milk to make them a little softer. Didn't see anything on my way through but on the way back my NPCscan went off. He was hard to spot since he doesn't stand out and is rather small. I trapped him and tamed him quite easily and was ecstatic to say the least.

 I named him Pryde which my friend Gokes said was cheesy but he is named after my favorite Marvel character Kitty Pryde AKA Shadowcat. He's instantly becomes my main pet and I've been really impressed as he reminds me a lot of Balto (Echeyakee) from the good ol' days.


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