Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Family Member Arrives!

Well after a night of disappointment (and a few empty chip bags) I headed back out to Sholazar Basin with hopes of some better luck. With only a few Alliance sightings I got a little bored of hanging out with the monkeys and decided to do a little flower picking. With a few hunters calling it quits I headed out for another lap hoping my patience would pay off. 30 minutes later destiny casually strolled past me while I was busy fishing for a diet Coke at the bottom of my fridge. As if he was waiting for me to return he walked slightly to my left before pacing around back to my spot, brushing past me ever so gently. I immediately dropped an ice trap out of instinct while getting my head around the situation and within seconds he was a part of the Dakona family.

So I can't help smiling, obviously pretty excited, maybe a little cocky... already thinking of the next member of the family. Can't decide yet but I've got some ideas. I'm thinking another spirit beast, since I'm feeling the Pokemon vibe and wanna collect them all. But first, a victory nap!


Khendruk said...

Congratulations! Good luck in-game and with this blog!

Dakona said...

Thank you very much :)

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