Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh Fustrations!

Ok I know I'm suppose to be leveling but it's after midnight and I figured what better time to go for a lucky Terrorpene taming then when there's no one else around. I decided to head over and take a look, and as I'm approaching my NPCscan goes off and I go into instant excitment mode, which lasted a total of 2 seconds as I saw this...

I see some level 85 shaman mounting up as I arrive and I'm quite pissed off knowing there is no reason other than sheer boredom for anyone to kill this pet. I asked him why he killed it, to which he replied, "It was talking %@&# to me." I realized then this guy was off his meds and didn't pursue any more conversation. Tough pill to swallow but at level 82 he would be a challenge to tame, even with my elixir and deterrence popped. More incentive to keep leveling but I will definitely be coming back to settle this score.


Khendruk said...

Good hunting!

I've been trying off and on to camp for the Time-Lost Proto Drake for the past two days, but so far no luck (not even Vyragosa). The NPCScan mod (including the overlay) is helpful though.

Dakona said...

If you're life schedule allows it I highly suggest camping at low peak hours, usually between 1am and 7am the server at least on mine is dead. Good luck!

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