Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keeping it in the Family

One thing that I know for sure... finding pets in Northrend definitely a lot easier than the new Cataclysm areas. Also very peaceful for the most part. Dalaran is quite eerie now, I felt like I was in "I Am Legend" as I walked around, almost worse than Shattrath City. I had a few pets I still wanted to get on my list. One place I wasn't looking forward to going was back to Sholazar Basin, but I headed over anyways to see if I could spot any rares. Already having Loque'nahak I figured I had the hardest one already taken care of so as I circled around I was only really looking for Aotona and King Krush. I bumped into another Hunter I had met a few weeks back when I was looking for Gondria and he told me he had been looking for Loque'nahak for several hours. I told him I'd keep an eye out for him and he said he'd do the same for the others. I ended up logging Dakona out in the middle of Sholazar and brought my Rogue over to do some mining while I kept checking spawn points. Within 30 minutes I got a message telling me to come quick King Krush was up, and I quickly logged back on Dakona and flew over. Missing King Krush was impossible, this T-Rex looking thing is a monster before it's tamed. I quickly tamed him quite easily after only 1 fear and ta-da he was mine.

I named him Littlefoot after the Land Before Time movie which I still watch every time I see it on T.V. As you can see he is still quite large which I think is very cool. I ended up helping my Hunter friend look for Loque'nahak again (the least I could do) until he eventually turned in for bed. I'm not a big fan of birds personally so getting Aotona was never something high on my priority list so I decided instead to head out to the Grizzly Hills to catch what I figured would be the easiest spirit beast to tame, the mighty bear Arcturis. With only one spawn point how could you go wrong but listening to your mount's wings flap for 8 hours straight can drive you nuts. I actually took a nap in between with NPCscan turned up high so it would wake me but I ended up being there when he spawned at 6:00 am as I ate my Fruit Loops

I had this name reserved for awhile as it is one of my favorite names. Nanook is the Inuit word  for polar bear which was the master of all bears. They believed Nanook decided if hunters deserved success in hunting bears. Hopefully Nanook thinks I'm worthy.

The night would of ended there had I not logged back on my Rogue to move her from Sholazar Basin to Orgrimmar to smelt that ore she got and would you believe there sitting at the South Central spawn point was Loque'nahak strolling along? I couldn't make this up if I wanted to. I checked my friends list to see if that Hunter was online, he wasn't and at 6:00 am there were no hunters in Sholazar Basin. I thought about killing it briefly but as a Hunter I just couldn't do it. No hunters in the guild online, I did a quick /who hunter and began asking random people if they wanted to tame him. Between AFK responses and no responses at all I went looking for my friend on AOL who had helped me with my turtle remembering he only needed Loque'nahak for his final kill for the Frostbitten achievement. Not something I condone but I owe him. No response there either, I was beginning to find this all humorous. I even thought about taming him myself but seriously how big of a spoiled brat would I look if I was going around with two Loque'nahak's? I finally came up with the idea of getting on my friend Cassie's hunter and taming it for her. So that is what I did. I logged on her account and with no flight plans... flew from Warsong Hold to Sholazar and tamed easily, again all done with not a person in sight. Logged on 5:00 pm that night to break the tough news to my Hunter friend as him and 6 other hunters did laps. This game is full of ups and down.


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