Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Questing Sucks!

No rant here, I don't think anyone really enjoys questing. I did hit 82! Exciting stuff as my current pace of one level per week is a personal best. Small embarrassing realization today. Mount Hyjal is infact the same Hyjal as before Cataclysm. This breakthrough came as I stumbled into Ashenvale during a quest. All and all I have enjoyed my time in Mount Hyjal, I even got a new companion pet to add to my collection. I may end up staying here a little longer, I have my eye on taming Terrorpene although at my current level I may be in over my head, apparently he hits like a truck.

 I think I'll be heading to Vashj'ir next, if only to do the quests that will allow me to breathe underwater and obtain one of those underwater mounts for when I try to track down Ghostcrawler. Leveling as BM has been great, no issues with mob killing. I am excited for the changes with the new patch, I was not looking forward to learning how to be an SV hunter when I hit 85. I still think I won't be able to avoid the enviable. Oh and I found a new hobby! I like to go back to The Storm Peaks and give false hope to Alliance members by flying around on my Time-Lost Proto Drake. It's kinda mean but I've been ganked enough over the years to have my conscience clear.


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