Monday, January 17, 2011


I've been MIA for a few days so as you may have figured I'm bringing a little drama with me today. The weekend proved to be very busy but also very rewarding. Friday night I was very close to having a QQ party for myself. Sticking to my pledge to be 83 by the weekend I put in some solid hours and got there by Friday night. Having decided that I hate fighting crap under water, I got out of Vashj'ir once I had my under water mount quest done. I went to Deepholm to snoop around but it's very dark there and kinda scary. It was also midnight as well which didn't help the creepy vibe so I went back to Orgrimmar to be around people. I've been fiddling around with my interface a lot lately. Cursed and wowinterface are really good websites and I used youtube to get an idea of what they'd look like. I decided I'd head over and idle around Terrorpene's spawn point while I was messing around with my UI. One thing I noticed very quickly was how much traffic was in that area. I couldn't believe how many level 85's were just hanging out. They weren't hunters and they weren't fishing, they just came in the lava pit area and hung out for a bit before moving on. Paranoia tells me they might be taking a peek for Terrorpene but killing Terrorpene doesn't contribute to any achievement and could the 25g it drops really be enough incentive to make the trip all the way over here? I definately did not enjoy the company I was once seeking an hour previous. As 3:00am came around there were still 10-15 Horde players in Mount Hyjal, so I guessed times that by two if I included the Alliance side. That's up from about 5 that I usually see on a week day at this hour so I knew possible competition had been increased but I did feel good that I didn't see any hunters in the area since I had arrived. Around 3:30am I heard my NPCscan go off as I was changing the channel on my T.V. and I rushed over to my computer and saw the dot on my minimap right away. Flying hard towards it I could see sparks and spells going off from a distance. As soon as it came into focus I saw a level 85 mage fireballing it with all its might. I immediately started typing "Don't Kill It" which came out closer to "dpfnt mill it". He gave me a "?" but never paused for a second in his combat. A second later Terrorpene was dead and within 3 days I had watched two level 85s kill him while I watched from the sidelines helplessly. I was so angry when it happened, asking why's as if I expected some rational answer other than "cause I felt like it". He LOL's and portaled while I fumed. Too pissed off to even take a screen shot. I cried about it to some people and got back very little sympathy. Apparently this pity party was just a table for one. I went to bed soon after, mumbling and stewing as I fell asleep.

I slept til 4:00 pm the next day, 12 hours after the kill. I had plans Saturday night so I didn't even bother logging on. I went out to run some errands, showered, got ready and around 7:00 pm while waiting for my hair to dry I logged on, just so I could idle while I was pottering around my room. Would you believe it... once again the NPCscan goes off. I rushed over and saw him below me right away. Out of panic I quickly tagged him with a concussive shot (did nothing) and he returned the hello with a 10k hit before my pet could even get aggro on him. The plan was to put my pet on him to take the early fire blast hits and then I would dismiss and tame. Sounded good in my head except I didn't realize this turtle could sit there spamming a 10k fire blast at you all day if it wanted. I couldn't even get my pet dismissed before it was down and I followed quickly after another 2 hits from my new friend. Soon as I was down I went into acceptance mode almost sure by the time I got back there would be someone else there but as I arrived I did not see anyone. Round 2, I took my time a little more although I was still nervous and kept one eye on the sky for any new joiners. I sent my pet in and allowed it to get aggro while I kept mend pet refreshed. I tried to stall as long as I could to let my health get back up (no bandages ready for this huntard). When I saw I was losing the healing battled I flasked, hit life blood, deterrence and haste trinket before dismissing pet and began taming. It was definitely my best attempt but I lost the race to a turtle and was dead again. Now I'm really flustered and can't believe no one else has noticed he's up. For 7:00 pm on a Saturday with 30-40 people in the area, I was getting every chance the WoW gods could allow to make good on this and I was realizing very fast how I should of waited til I was 85 to get him. I got on AOL trying to track down a friend I thought might help. I spammed "come heal me, turtle up" and by luck alone he got the bat signal and was on his way. Keep in mind he had to start WoW, log on, and get his 81 Shaman to Mount Hyjal, all while I was sitting there hoping no one else would come. I did get ancy waiting and made a 3rd attempt, big mistake, now my res timer was a full 2 minutes. My Shaman friend arrived and as I tamed he healed. But the heals were interrupting my tame cast and soon we were both dead. Another 2 minutes for the res timer and I am now completely fustrated. I can't tame the bloody thing, its been about 10 minutes since he spawned and no one else has noticed and I know that isn't gonna hold out much longer. I knew I wasn't gonna give up til my gear was all red and I clicked on anything clickable as we went in for another attempt. I still don't know what he did to keep me alive cause I had my eyes closed for most of it but whatever he did worked and after the emotional roller-coaster he was finally mine.

I called him Diesel because up close he looks more like a truck than a turtle but he was definitely worth the aggravation. I now have 5 pets left in this new content I want to tame, all rares of coarse but I've decided I will definitely be waiting until I'm 85 before I begin that journey. I may however go back to Northred to see if I can find a few more family members. As for that Mage who killed Terrorpene the night before, I bumped into him in Orgrimmar Sunday night while he was browsing the auction house. I made sure I put Diesel right up on top of the auction house NPC so he couldn't miss it. Nothing like a little retribution before bed.


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