Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gotta Catch Them All

I have Bieber Fever! No that's definitely not true, what I have is an addiction to taming pets. Call it Pokemon-syndrome or call it what you will, as a Hunter I have 25 stable slots available and I plan to use them all on the 25 best pets within the game. What I will do when I finally get these 25 pets, I have no idea, but for now it's certainly keeping me busy during the 30-40 minute waits between heroic queues. One thing I've enjoyed about camping rare spawns is the time I get to admire my Time-Lost Proto Drake as I'm flying around. Sure it sounds a little self absorbed but the novelty has yet to wear off. Also a side bonus has been the flower picking. Dakona is capped at 525 in Herbalism, and as a casual herbalist has picked over 500 herbs while camping rares. In fact leveling my Alchemy which is currently 495 is high up there on the agenda with all these unused herbs sitting in my bags.

I stuck around Twilight Highlands following my Sambas tame. I've been on a rather lucky streak of late and I wanted to see if that would carry over as I tried to find Karoma. As is often the case I save my camping til the off hours, usually between 1am and 8am. I enjoy the light traffic and feel my odds are increased if they do spawn. So similar to Sambas it only took a few nights until I bumped into Karoma during the wee hours of the morning. No fruit loop magic this time.

 I named him Serendipity, don't ask why, maybe it was because I had just watched the film a few days prior or maybe because I can't get my head around how it's possible to tame a spirit wolf. I'm sure if I took more time to ponder I would of found hundreds of better names given my fascination with tribal names and the spirit wolf being the ultimate gimmie. Serendipity "is a propensity for making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated". It would of made for a better blog entry had I been looking for Sambas and found Karoma, but if my adventures become so boring that I have to start making things up... well I might have to stop blogging.

In other news, I'm proud to say Dakona now has three pieces of heroic gear and only has a few pieces left under 333 item level. I am definitely liking some heroics a lot more than others and will put out a review next week after I have a chance to endure them a few more times.


Khendruk said...

Do you have an idea which pets you want to tame with your remaining stable slots?

Dakona said...

Yes I do! In fact I have them neatly written out on a piece of paper, but if I told you which ones they are then it would ruin the surprise. (I kinda need this as you can tell it's all I seem to blog about) However I will say that I got a few more last night and am getting close to my 25. I'll be sharing the final 25 when I get there, I'm even hoping to make a video on it if I can ever get my head around the process.

Peashooter said...

I swear... finally getting lucky and falling over top of Loque in Shol Basin right after 4.0 dropped was the highlight of my huntering experience. I tried camping him forever, but I could do the marathons required and could never seem to get him.

My sincerest best wishes in your quest to get all the pets you want. The 25 stable is my favorite feature with Cata by far!


Saz said...

Congrats on the tame, he is a beauty!

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