Sunday, January 30, 2011

Capturing a Princess

During my quest to find new unique pets to add to my collection, I made my way over to the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj in search of the famous Princess Huhuran. This large silithid wasp is the fourth boss in the once epic AQ 40 dungeon. With the help of a friend I found her floating around a large room all by herself. I was able to tame her without much trouble.

She was named after Sarah Kerrigan from the Starcraft series, just in case anyone out there didn't think I was legit. Yes I have SC2 installed on my computer... and so what if I haven't actually played it yet. Shush. One thing I love the most about this pet is her size. Unlike so many pets I've come across she doesn't shrink and keeps her huge frame. I'm not sure you would want to use her in PvP as she makes for a pretty good target and she definitely isn't recommend for tighter instances as I found out while doing heroic Shadowfang Keep. She does take up a lot of space but for larger dungeons she is awesome and I recommend any hunter at level 85 test out their new camouflage skill and tame this beauty.


Glowberry said...

She is huge! Was she difficult to tame solo? (She is defintely difficult to kill solo, as I've experienced, but I know very little about taming!)

Khendruk said...

Nice! That's definitely a unique pet. I don't think I've ever seen anyone with it before that I can remember anyway.

Do you need to have an actual raid to get in there (I've never been inside AQ...)?

Dakona said...

She wasn't difficult to tame, I think she brought my health down to 50% or 60%. I never raided at level 60 so I have no idea how hard she is to kill but from everything I've read she had a reputation of stopping raids in their tracks.

You will need to be in a raid to get inside, but that can be as easy as grouping with one other person and having the setting changed to raid. Doesn't mean you'll need anyone to go with but if you have a few friends who are willing to go with you, I definitely recommend it.

Khendruk said...

Thanks for the info! :)

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