Friday, January 28, 2011

Preparing for Raids

Granted it's been less than a week since I hit 85 but already I'm looking ahead to making preparations for when I raid. I am still a few weeks away, maybe a little longer, maybe a little less from getting all my gear to that level but you can never start working towards that goal to soon. I also don't have a guild that would include me in any raids but to me that's just minor details right now. I've been hitting up heroics a lot recently, it's amazing what a gamble these turn out to be. Waiting 30-40 minutes does cut into my game time and having 2 of every 3 groups eventually disband due to wipes is frustrating. I've done my part by reading up and learning the bosses of each instance to the best of my ability. I figure if I know what I'm doing than that cuts the percentage of failure down a little. I've compiled my desired list for pre-raiding and I will be listing a few secondary options as well. This is based off my own perspective and doesn't necessary mean it's the best possible option for each slot. If you're not a hunter, I apologize as this blog entry will be completely boring and usless to you. Don't forget to take into account these items would need to be reforged to suit your own character.

* Pre-Raiding Check List *

1st) Wildhammer Riding Helm (H) - General Umbriss (Grim Batol)
2nd) Worgen's Hunter Helm (H) - Lord Godfrey (Shadowfang Keep)

1st) Pendant of the Lightless Grotto (H) - Ozruk (Stonecore)
2nd) Acorn of the Daughter Tree - Guardians of Hyjal (Revered)

1st) Bloodpetal Mantle (H) - Ammunae (Halls of Origination)
2nd) Wrap of the Valley Glades - Justice Points (1,650)

1st) Dory's Finery - Random World Drop
2nd) Twitching Shadows (H) - Lord Obsidius (Blackrock Caverns)
3rd) Cape of the Brotherhood (H) - Captain Cookie (Deadmines)

1st) Wentletrap Vest - Neptulan's Cache (Throne of the Tides)
2nd) Vest of the True Companion - Justice Points (2,200)

1st) Bracers of Some Consequence (H) - Vanessa Van Cleef (Deadmines)
2nd)  Elementium Scale Bracers (H) - Ozruk (Stonecore

1st) Traitor's Grips (H) - Baron Ashbury (Shadowfang Keep)
2nd) Wrasse Handwraps (H) - Lady Naz'jar (Throne of the Tides)

1st) Corded Viper Belt - Crafted (Leatherworking)
2nd) Belt of the Dim Forest - Justice Points (1,650)

1st) Balkar's Waders (H) - Prophet Barim (Lost City)
2nd) Hillside Striders - Justice Points (2,200)

1st) Treads of Malorne - Guardians of Hyjal (Exalted)
2nd) Moccasins of Verdurous Glooms - Valor Points (1,650)

1st) Nautilus Ring (H) - Neptune's Cache (Throne of the Tides)
2nd) Ring of Dun Algaz (H) - Forgemaster Throngus (Grim Batol)
3rd) Ring of Blinding Stars (H) - Isiset (Hall of Origination)
4th) Skullcracker Ring (H) - Rom'ogg Bonecrusher (Blackrock Caverns)

1st) Fluid Death - Valor Points (1,650)
2nd) Tia's Grace (H) - Siamat (Lost City)
3rd) Key to Endless Chamber (H) - Corborus (Stonecore) [CHECK]

1st) Kickback 5000 - Crafted (Engineering) [CHECK]
2nd) Amber Messenger (H) - Lord Obsidius (Blackrock Caverns)

Two Hand:
1st) Rockslicer (H) - Admiral Ripsnarl (Deadmines)

2nd) Seliza's Spear (H) - General Husam (Lost City)

So there you have it, my checklist. I recommend always doing research regardless of what class you are before doing heroics. I think once you do the daily random for the Valor Points you should aim for the instances that drop the gear you need. My list is with 99% performance in mind and 1% of how cool I will look! Have fun out there and good luck!


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